New DS 3 X Givenchy Le Makeup

DSC_0471Growing up I was addicted to vintage cars. My uncle had a fully restored Morris Minor that I remember eating jam sandwiches in the back of nestled in a checked picnic blanket and some of my happiest memories is of him holding up traffic, waving cars past like my very own chauffeur in his driving hat. I arrived in style to my prom in a 1930’s Rolls Royce and felt like a princess. Throughout my younger years cars weren’t just about getting from A to B, but were part of life, caring for them, enjoying them. Then my first car was my pride and joy at 17; she was called Pepper, as she was peppermint green. Learning to pump the tires, refill the screenwash, and wash her properly was a big part of learning how to take care of something important. Now I’m a little older, and cars are more of a just transport mode rather than a huge lifestyle choice. But I have to admit, I miss having fun with cars, taking adventures in them and having my car say something about me. So when I was invited to check out the new DS 3 Givenchy Le Makeup, the car geek came out in me and I had to see what the model was all about. View Post

Holiday Skin in a Bottle

DSC_0694I’ve got some serious Instagram envy going on at the moment – everyone who’s anyone seems to be sunning themselves in the Hamptons or sipping cocktails in the Maldives, showing off their tans. But for the rest of us who are stuck in an office 9-5 we need a little extra help to sort out our pasty complexions. If, like me, you can find fake tanning a faff, there is a product out there for us lazy beauty buffs: the Timebomb Holiday in a Bottle*. View Post

5 Summery Lip Loves

DSC_0778Summer is in full swing in the UK and between the lobster shoulders, BBQ’s and strawberries, the country is having a whale of a time in the hot weather. Personally, although I’m busy working (safely) on building up a little tan and making my sure my toes are painted perfectly for their first look at a sandal in nearly a year – I have taken this recent weather turnaround as a chance to switch up my lip wardrobe. There has been five lip products I’ve been reaching for time and time again, so let’s get stuck in! View Post

Blogger Event: At Home With Wella

Wella Oil Reflections LightIf you’ve been keeping up with Made From Beauty recently you’ll know it’s all been haircare recently on the blog. If it was my recent post on THIS HAIR MASK or my Instagram posts HERE – then you’ll know I’ve been focusing on giving my hair a little TLC of late and so what better event for me to attend than the At Home With Wella event last week? View Post