Discovering My EnergyCode

Discovering My EnergyCodeThe world of haircare can be difficult to navigate. If you saw THIS recent post, I feel like I have found some awesome styling products. But when it comes to finding the exact products that will really take care of your hair, and give it exactly what it needs, choosing can be hard. System Professional, have developed an easy way to match you with the products that your hair actually needs; your EnergyCode.

To celebrate one year of Systems Professional’s EnergyCode system, they have created a lovely app called One Year of Energy. One Year of Energy allows you find your unique EnergyCode, and to make a fun video of all your best moments over the last year.

One Year of Energy asks you questions about your hair, then analyses your answers to give you a unique EnergyCode. Your code matches up with products within the System Professional range, helping you to buy the products your hair needs. The app also links directly to your Instagram, so you can share your best moments over the last 365 days.

I love the EnergyCode system because you can tailor your haircare to your specific hair needs. Each System Professional product has a little secret code attached to it, which matches up with part of your EnergyCode; making shopping for haircare so simple!

EnergyCode app with System Professional EnergyCode app with System Professional One Year of Energy app with System Professional One Year of Energy app with System Professional One Year of Energy app with System Professional

On the app it asks you questions all about your hair condition, fullness and scalp health. I have relatively ok condition hair, but I have a little bit of colour damage and I’m always looking for new ways to get hydration into the lengths of my hair. After answering the questions, I found that my EnergyCode is:

R1 + S3 + B4

For the R1 part of my code, System Professional recommended the Repair Shampoo. After using the products for a few weeks, I am convinced this shampoo has smoothed and de-frizzed my hair so much. The shampoo is formulated to gently cleanse, whilst nourishing the hair.

System Professional Repair Shampoo Review

I have been following the Repair Shampoo with the Smoothen Mask, the S3 part of my EnergyCode. This mask is honestly one of the best I have ever used. It gives me the smoothest, softest hair I have ever had. Especially formulated for those of us with coarse, crazy hair, its luxurious buttery texture hydrates and refines my hair.

System Professional Smoothen Mask Review

Then for the treatment part of the EnergyCode, B4. This product surprised me a little, but System Professional recommended the Balance Energy Serum. This serum has been developed to help those with thinning hair, or like me, those of us who struggle with hair anchorage. I had found that my hair, especially when I was washing it, was coming out. The loss wasn’t dramatic, and I’d still say I have lots of very thick hair. I wouldn’t say I have hair loss, but it was more than I’d like to be loosing! By answering the questions on the One Year of Energy app, System Professional were able to recommend this serum to help with a hair concern that I thought was just part of having long hair! I have been using the Balance Energy Serum everyday for three weeks (nearly four actually) and the results are in…it works! I have found that I have been loosing less hair when brushing and washing. I know my hair loss wasn’t signifiant, but I know some people do struggle with it, so I’d say give this product a go – I have found it’s really worked for me.

System Professional Balance Energy Serum Review Discovering My EnergyCode

Your unique EnergyCode is a fantastic way to tailor your haircare at home, but you can also use it in System Professional salons as well. So if you’re someone looking to have a major hair change, this system can help your hairdresser really get to know your hair type and concerns straight away.

So will you be finding your EnergyCode? Let me know in the comments below! You can check out my video from the One Year of Energy app HERE.


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