How To Get Bold Brows

How To Get Bold BrowsOne of the most sought after trends in the beauty world has to be big brows. As someone with pretty normal brows, I don’t find myself trying to make drastic changes to my brow game, but sometimes I like to go for a bolder look.

It could be very easy to spend a lot of money to achieve this trend led look. There are thousands of products on the market promising brow miracles. But, recently, we have seen more affordable brands jumping on the beefy-brow band wagon. One of the affordable brands that have done this best is Rimmel.

Rimmel have some amazing, affordable, easy to use products within their line. So in this post I’m showing you some of my favourites, and how I use them.

My brows to begin with are ok in the ‘amount of hairs’ department, but they do lack shape and definition. I use the Rimmel products to create the right shape and frame my eyes.

Brow Before Rimmel Products

I like to start my look by using a pencil to map out the shape I’ll be going for. This is the point where you can choose to add more of an arch, length to the tail of the brow and thickness to the overall shape. I love using the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil for this first step. As I have nearly black brow hairs, I use the shade Black/Brown. Here I am adding a little bit of extra volume to the bottom of the brow and filling in where I would like the arch. At this stage I don’t try to fill in the whole brow, and am a little messy with the lines I am drawing, but I am adding a little product at a time.

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil SwatchRimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil Review

After drawing in the basic shape, I use a spoolie brush to soften the colour slightly. When using a spoolie, brush towards the brow and into the hairs to avoid smudging things everywhere.

How to Fill in Your Brows

Next I move on to use the Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Sculpting Kit. This kit has a wax and a powder inside as well as a double sided brush and a mini spoolie. This product alone would be everything you need for a bold brow look, but I like to use it alongside the other products. With this product I am working on actually filling in the shape I have previously created with the pencil. Use small, light brush strokes to create hair-like marks. I use the powder first, feathering it into the front of the brow lightly, and filling in any sparse areas.

Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Sculpting Kit TutorialRimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Sculpting Kit Review

Whilst I am filling in the brow with the powder, I am making sure to use the spoolie to soften the brush strokes and build the colour slowly.

Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Sculpting Kit How To

After using the powder, I dip into the wax product to add a little extra definition. I find the wax perfect for areas like the tail of the brow and the arch of the brow (where I don’t have many hairs) to create different textures. The mixture of textures is the key to making the brow look more natural.

Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Sculpting Kit Wax Review

I always set my brows as the final step. I have been reaching for my Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel for a while now. On no-makeup-makeup days I will just slick a bit of this product through the brows for a little bit of brow. I have the colour Dark Brown, which is very close to my natural hair colour, and run it through the hairs in the direction they naturally go. I love this product for adding definition, it seems to really make the most of the hairs I actually have, for a more natural look. This product is also nice because it doesn’t make the hairs crispy or hard.

Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel Dark BrownRimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel Review

You could stop there – but I’m going to go the extra mile and use the Brow This Way Highlighting Pencil. This is a lovely chubby pencil for adding a browbone highlight. The pencil isn’t too shimmery, but it does make an impact – making the brows really pop! You can you this pencil for highlight all over the face, not only the browbone. One of my other favourite places to use it is on the inner corners of the eyes.

Brow This Way Highlighting Pencil ReviewBrow This Way Highlighting Pencil SwatchRimmel Brow Before and After

So do you rock the bold brow look? Or are you into more subtle makeup? Let me know in the comments below!


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    • 3rd March 2017 / 4:46 pm

      They just change the whole look don’t they?

      Thank you for commenting x

  1. 27th January 2018 / 2:56 pm

    I’m definitely partial to a bold brow and I like their brow kit. Benefit are unbeatable for me when it comes to brow products though. x

    Sincerely, Sarah xx