Current Primer Loves

Made From Beauty PrimersA big change in my makeup in the new year has that I have been wearing primer a lot more. Well, everyday now really! Before, I kind of liked primers, but I wouldn’t find myself wearing them everyday. Recently, I’ve started to see primers as an essential part of my everyday makeup rather than just for special occasions. View Post

Start Your Makeup the Right Way

Between primers, prepping sprays and moisturisers there are lots of different ways to start your makeup routine. It can sometimes feel like you have applied a full face, before you’ve even reached for the makeup. If you count moisturisers, sprays, eye primers, illuminating primers, pore filling primers – the world of priming can be difficult to navigate. What do I need to use? What is worth using? Will all this stuff help my makeup apply and stay in place? View Post

My Current Foundation Routine

Made From Beauty My Current Foundation Routine CoverWith a new job has come a massive overhaul of the makeup I wear on a daily basis. I now work in a hot, physically challenging environment for long hours. So my usual dewy, light base really wasn’t cutting it, I was finding that even my favourite foundation wasn’t lasting throughout the day. I honestly don’t have a single second to touch up my makeup, so I need a base that will look natural and stick around. View Post