Current Primer Loves

Made From Beauty PrimersA big change in my makeup in the new year has that I have been wearing primer a lot more. Well, everyday now really! Before, I kind of liked primers, but I wouldn’t find myself wearing them everyday. Recently, I’ve started to see primers as an essential part of my everyday makeup rather than just for special occasions. View Post

The Payday Beauty Wishlist

Wish List 1I know it’s still a little while away from payday, but it’s around this time of the month that I start to mentally spend my paycheck.

So without the boring stuff like rent and food – here’s what I’d be spending my money on at the beginning of next month if I wasn’t a responsible adult: View Post

Blogger Skincare Recommendations

DSC_0021There’s no doubt that in this day and age, more and more of us are turning to bloggers for information about beauty products. I know I often swat up on my favourite beauty blogs if I need a new skincare or makeup fix. So today I’m going to run you through some of the skincare products I’ve picked up after reading the wise words of many-a beauty blogger. I’ll give you a run down of each product, but also try to answer that all important question – are they as good as bloggers say? View Post