New In: MAC x Mariah Carey Collection

MAC x Mariah Carey Collection ReviewNormally celebrity collections with brands don’t tempt me too much. In fact, apart from the dreamy Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder collection earlier in the year, a celeb face doesn’t normally make me run to the shops. I’d say I’m normally level headed about these kind of things. That was until I heard Mariah Carey and MAC mentioned in the same sentence. What could be more glamorous and New Years appropriate than an edit from Mimi herself?! From that moment on I had my heart set on bagging a little slice of the collab. View Post

The Charlotte Tilbury Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Mesmerize in The Huntress and Amber Moon

Made From Beauty Charlotte Tilbury nocturnal cat eyes to hypnotise the huntress + amber moonThere are only a few brands on this planet that can make me squeal, Chanel (naturally), Jo Malone, and Charlotte Tilbury. When it comes to quality, beautiful, luxurious makeup,Tilbury had it in the bag from the word go. Now although Chanel wasn’t waiting for me under the tree – a girl can dream! There was in fact an equally heart attack inducing present from Josh all wrapped up in that iconic burgundy and gold packing: The Charlotte Tilbury Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Mesmerize in The Huntress and Amber Moon. View Post

Help Me Pick: MAC Eyeshadow

Made From Beauty MAC Eyeshadows: Help Me PickThe problem with being a huge makeup lover is that there’s just too much choice! When I step into MAC I’m immediately drawn to the lipsticks and shadows. I love to dive right in and get swatching and trying new products out. I’ve had an incomplete eyeshadow palette for a year now, so I love going in store to see what shades I could add. Then…I get distracted…

So this is why I’m asking you guys for your help! I’m looking to pick up two shadows to finish my palette, so please leave your recommendations below! View Post

My Autumn Makeup Look & Pumpkin Pickin’

DSC_0092Tomorrow is Halloween, so last weekend Josh and I went pumpkin picking. At the age of 22, and considering I’ve living in the New Forest my whole life, I’d never even seen a pumpkin patch before.

We picked up two pumpkins, one each to carve and some really tasty autumn raspberries that I’ve made into one hell of a tasty crumble.

Being a Saturday, I decided to go all out on the makeup front. Saturday’s are kind of my day to really go to town with trying new looks and piling on new foundations, eye shadows and of course; the winged liner! View Post