Would You Strobe?

Made From Beauty: Would You Strobe?The latest beauty trend, the one everyone is talking about is strobing. Using products, especially creams, to highlight areas of the face, giving it a light reflective glow for a healthy, fresh look.

As I’ve always been a lover of dewy, luminous complexions, strobing is something I’ve been doing for years without realising. So today I thought I’d talk you through some of my favourite products for a dewy complexion (whether you want to call it strobing or not!) View Post

My Current Foundation Routine

Made From Beauty My Current Foundation Routine CoverWith a new job has come a massive overhaul of the makeup I wear on a daily basis. I now work in a hot, physically challenging environment for long hours. So my usual dewy, light base really wasn’t cutting it, I was finding that even my favourite foundation wasn’t lasting throughout the day. I honestly don’t have a single second to touch up my makeup, so I need a base that will look natural and stick around. View Post