Mothers Day Goodies from Homesense

Homesense Mothers Day PresentsSo a bit of a life update to start with: I have moved back into my mums house. It isn’t something I’m ashamed of, and I think it’s becoming more and more common these days. But Josh and I just couldn’t take spending 80% of our income on rent and bills any longer. We really want to save for our own home, but it was just impossible living in a rented house. So, a few months ago we moved back with mum. We are incredibly lucky to have a family home to go back to, but it hasn’t come without its difficulties.

The first of which has been fitting three people’s stuff into my mums home. She has been an absolute babe and gave up her bedroom for me and Josh – I mean, come on, mums rock! Moving her room into the smaller back bedroom has meant we have had to be creative with storage. And although we haven’t quite got the house back to normal, it was about time mum got some nice pieces for her room to make it feel a little more homely. View Post

Personalised Gifts For Bloggers From I Just Love It

dsc_0768If you’ve been around these parts before then you would have probably already seen my BIG Beauty Gift Guide & Beauty Stocking Fillers posts. Well, apart from giving beauty products, there is one other type of gift I love to wrap up at christmas time; personalised gifts.

For me, nothing beats getting a gift that I know someone has put a lot of thought in to – so that’s exactly the feeling I want to give someone when they unwrap a christmas pressie from me! Personalised gifts can be a brilliant way of just adding that special touch to gifts. With bloggers notoriously difficult to buy for – a personalised gift might be the way to go! View Post

£1 Simple DIY Beauty Storage

Made From Beauty £1 Simple DIY Beauty Storage CoverHaving moved into our new flat almost a year ago now, things are really coming together. We have been very lucky to have a lot of furniture and home bits brought for us by family members, but I’m still trying to add some bits as I go. So I’m always on the look out for affordable homeware, and I’m willing to do a little DIY where needed! View Post

Vintage Homeware Shopping at Molly’s Den Winchester

Made From Beauty Vintage Homewares at Molly's Den Winchester 1

If you read my Bedside Beauty post a little while back, you’ll know how excited I was to get such a cute bedside table for a bargain price. In search for my bedside table and other bits of furniture for around the flat Mum and I went to a few vintage shops and today I wanted to share the day and the piece I picked up. View Post