Everyday Luxury Makeup

Are you the type of person that saves their expensive makeup for special occasions? I used to be like that, but then I realised that I was letting my favourite products go to waste. So this is when I switched to using my highend, luxury items everyday. It seems a bit extravagant. But if you think about it, I’ve worked hard to afford these items, why not let them brighten up my day everyday? View Post

My Christmas Wishlist

Made From Beauty Christmas Wishlist 2016All I really want for Christmas is my family and friends around me. But writing a post all about those guys might not be what you’d expect to see on Made From Beauty. So in the spirit of ecommerce lavish wishlists, and trying to give Josh a few ideas (he’s got no idea what to get me), let’s have a bit of christmasy fun shall we?

Here is my wishlist this year… View Post

Help Me Pick: MAC Eyeshadow

Made From Beauty MAC Eyeshadows: Help Me PickThe problem with being a huge makeup lover is that there’s just too much choice! When I step into MAC I’m immediately drawn to the lipsticks and shadows. I love to dive right in and get swatching and trying new products out. I’ve had an incomplete eyeshadow palette for a year now, so I love going in store to see what shades I could add. Then…I get distracted…

So this is why I’m asking you guys for your help! I’m looking to pick up two shadows to finish my palette, so please leave your recommendations below! View Post