Boring Feel Unique Haul

DSC_0014Anybody addicted to beauty will tell you that no haul is a boring haul. But when a haul is made up of all repurchases, for me its a little same-y. I wasn’t going to share the products I purchased on FeelUnique, but then I thought that although they might be familiar to you, you guys might not have tried out some of my favourites… View Post

The Southampton Bloggers Meetup Goody Bag

Made From Beauty Southampton Bloggers Meetup Goody Bag CoverI’m really making a feature out of this Southampton blogger meetup aren’t I? If you’ve been to Made From Beauty recently you would have already seen my previous posts surrounding the event (but if not here’s my ‘What I Wore’ and ‘The Event’ posts). Today is the last post about the meetup, and we’re finishing with a goodin’ – the goody bag! View Post

Would You Strobe?

Made From Beauty: Would You Strobe?The latest beauty trend, the one everyone is talking about is strobing. Using products, especially creams, to highlight areas of the face, giving it a light reflective glow for a healthy, fresh look.

As I’ve always been a lover of dewy, luminous complexions, strobing is something I’ve been doing for years without realising. So today I thought I’d talk you through some of my favourite products for a dewy complexion (whether you want to call it strobing or not!) View Post