Tips and Tricks: Winged Liner

Winged Liner Tips and TricksThe winged liner is a classic look, and a favourite of makeup lovers and artists alike; so, why do so many of us struggle with it? I know I do, without the perfect liner and the perfect stress free situation, I find it almost impossible to master the winged liner. Those two little black lines, matching nicely with their smooth wings, they’re a lot harder than they look!

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Drugstore Repurchases

Drugstore RepurchasesDespite all the exciting new launches and different products out there, sometimes you just find something that really works and you have to just go in for the repurchase. Because of all the enticing displays and newness on the highstreet, if a product makes it to my repurchase list, you can bet your bottom dollar its going to be a goodun’! So today I’m going to share with you those items that keep making their way into my shopping basket. View Post

Winter Scents

Winter PerfumesI am crazy about perfume, if had it my way I’d have a huge collection that I could pick and choose from each day. I think scents can really make a difference to how you perceive people, it can make you seem sophisticated, cute or easy going, depending on the type you choose. I love my deep, warm scents and so today I thought I would share my current favourites.

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