Tuesday Talks: How I Got Bikini Ready

DSC_0042Now I know that summer is officially over in the UK (excuse me whilst I go and have a little cry cuddling my sun cream and clinging on to my beach bag for dear life) but for the lucky few, there still a holiday on the horizon. View Post

Tuesday Talks: I Am Not That Yet

Made From Beauty Tuesday TalksWhen we’re young, we are asked constantly what we want to be when we grow up. Working out what you want to be when you’re younger is great, you can be anything you want to be. At five, I wanted to be a vet. At ten, I wanted to be a model. At fifteen, I wanted to be a writer. When I was twenty, I wanted to be a beauty writer. I am not a vet, a model, a writer or a beauty writer…yet. View Post

Tuesday Talks

Made From Beauty Tuesday TalksThere’s going to be a new type of post dropping on Made From Beauty every week now! I’m starting a new series called Tuesday Talks. Every Tuesday I’m going to put something together to get us all talking. It may be on blogging, the creative industries, body image or confidence – really whatever comes up in the media and blogging community.

The idea around the post is to get people talking about issues, ideas and thoughts so I’d love to see your comments and hopefully we can start a little discussion here.

So keep your eyes peeled, the first post in the series is dropping later today!


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