Elite London with The Dream Lodge Group

DSC_0191As a blogger, I sometimes get invited to some pretty odd events. I think some of the strangest have to be a car garage open day, a pram press day (I’m not a mum) and a whiskey tasting session. So I’m always a little wary when I’m invited to something I’ve never heard of before, so when The Dream Lodge Group got in touch and asked if I’d like to come along to Elite London, an event showcasing the best in luxury lifestyle, I couldn’t wait to book my tickets.  View Post

Blogger Event: Lunch with Amy Childs

IMG_4109Creating Made From Beauty has meant that I have been lucky enough to attend some awesome events and meet some wonderful people over the past year. But one thing I probably wasn’t expecting to happen is to receive an invitation to have lunch with a celebrity. So when am email popped into my inbox asking me if I would like to meet Amy Childs at The Oracle Shopping Centre last Saturday and talk all things beauty and fashion – well it’s safe to say I was a little shocked. View Post

Weekend Getaway Makeup

Made From Beauty Weekend Getaway MakeupAs a lot of you might already know from my Twitter and Instagram, Josh and I made a getaway this weekend to celebrate Easter with his family in Devon. Although I wouldn’t normally fuss with makeup on this sort of weekend trip, I thought it would be nice to look (and feel) a bit more put together on actual Easter, so yesterday we managed to take a couple of snaps of what I’ve brought with me this weekend… View Post