1 Scarf, 3 Ways

1 Scarf 3 Ways to Wear ItFor Josh’s birthday we headed into London for the day, with every intention on heading to lots of museums and galleries. Instead, we ended up shopping for most of the day – poor guy! On Oxford Street I popped into one of my favourite places to shop for accessories; Forever 21! I love Forever 21 for super affordable jewellery, bags, sunglasses and all things cute to add to outfits. So when I saw this beautiful little Paisley, chambray¬†scarf I knew I wanted to find some ways to style it and share with you guys. View Post


ChloBo Cute Charm Elephant Bracelet ReviewIt’s been an awfully long time since I have worn a charm bracelet and if I’m honest, the ones I used to collect as a young girl from Claire’s Accessories, don’t really appeal to me anymore. But a grown up charm bracelet? In quality metals, with beautiful designs? Well, now you’re talking!

Luckily for the slither of the Claire’s Accessories lover left inside of me, ChloBo have some beautiful, more sophisticated designs on offer for every charm lover. So when the company reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try out one of their rose gold charm bracelets, I couldn’t wait to style it. View Post

Elite London with The Dream Lodge Group

DSC_0191As a blogger, I sometimes get invited to some pretty odd events. I think some of the strangest have to be a car garage open day, a pram press day (I’m not a mum) and a whiskey tasting session. So I’m always a little wary when I’m invited to something I’ve never heard of before, so when The Dream Lodge Group got in touch and asked if I’d like to come along to Elite London, an event showcasing the best in luxury lifestyle, I couldn’t wait to book my tickets.¬† View Post