Spring Picnic featuring JD Williams

Spring Picnic StyleWith all this beautiful weather recently Josh and I thought it would be nice to pack up a little bag and head to the local park for a huge Spring picnic. I cobbled together some tasty treats and put on my new glad-rags from JD Williams, threw on a summer hat and settled down for an afternoon of giggles (mostly at my fashion-y poses, thanks Josh!) and good food. View Post

The Ultimate Blogging Wishlist

Made From Beauty The Ultimate Blogging WishlistBeing a blogger is fun; I get to review and talk about all of my favourite products, go new places and do new things and I have absolutely loved the year Made From Beauty has had…but recently I have really been trying to ‘up my blogging game’ or take things a little bit more professionally. So today I’ve put together the ‘ultimate’ blogging wishlist; the if-money-wasn’t-an-object wishlist! I know, I know there’s no beauty in this post, but don’t panic we’ll be back to it tomorrow at 6.00am GMT. So let’s take a look at all the bits of tech and homeware I’m saving for here at Made From Beauty’s HQ… View Post

What I Got for My Birthday 2016

Made From Beauty What I Got for My Birthday 2016If you saw my post on Sunday, you’ll know it was my birthday this past weekend and I was very lucky to receive some beautiful presents from my friends and family. Today I’m going to share some of the gorgeous gifts currently making their home in my makeup collection and home. View Post

Pamper Uniform: The F&F Dressing Gown

Made From Beauty Tesco F&F Signature Floral Watercolour Print Satin Lounge Kimono

Sunday mornings have become a bit of a pampering time for me. I usually do a face mask, paint my nails, and take on the mammoth task of washing, drying and styling my hair.

Sunday’s were made for lounging about in your pajamas but when those pajamas normally consist of years old sweatpants and a ratty t-shirt, it can be hard to feel your best knocking around the house. So I was on the hunt for a dressing gown that I could pop on during these pamper seasons to really get into the mood for feeling lovely.

I also wanted something lighter, as my big cosy dressing gown I recently brought from Primark (and chatted all about in this post – I love my pyjamas clearly), gets a little too much when I’m trying to fight my hair into some sort of smooth(ish) style. View Post