A Haircare Range I’ve Fallen in Love With

Ouai Haircare ReviewThe title of this post pretty much says it all. I am totally and utterly in love with Ouai haircare. And I’m not the only one; beauty addicts all over the world are uniting in their devotion to this new brand.

Ouai is as modern as haircare gets; created by celeb stylist Jen Atkin, chic packaging, natural textures and high-tech ingredients all combine to make one very cool brand. And that was the thing that got me to begin with. I wanted to be cool. All the cool kids were using Ouai on their cool hair; and I wanted in! View Post

Seriously Affordable Skincare that Rocks!

ASDA The Skin System range reviewIf you read Made From Beauty regularly, you’ll know I love my luxury beauty as much as the next person. But when I do find amazing affordable products, I have to admit it’s kind of exciting. Finding almost a full skincare routine that comes in under £10 in my local supermarket was pretty impressive, so I knew I had to try these products out for you guys. View Post

Brand Focus: Aveeno

Brand Focus: AveenoIt has been a little while since I have written a Brand Focus post. When I laid my hands on some pretty awesome Aveeno goodies, I knew I had let you guys know about these products.

My mum has been a fan of Aveeno products for years. She suffers with psoriasis and dry skin, but has always found the brands products to help. While I do not have any skin conditions, I am always looking for new ways to inject that all important moisture into my skin. I find that, especially throughout winter, my skin on my legs and arms can get very dry. Thankfully, Aveeno have a couple of pretty awesome products to help out! View Post

Day to Night with the Rodial Eyeshadow Palette

rodial-eyeshadow-pallette-collagedsc_0010We are busier and busier nowadays. I am finding more and more that I need to get my makeup to work harder for me. It needs to be long-lasting, easy to touch up and simple. So finding a good quality, neutral eyeshadow palette that can take my look from day to night was pretty high up on my ‘to do’ makeup list. I was after a palette that housed buttery, loveable shadows, with shades that can I could wear to work, but also with the ability to amp up my look fast – making Happy Hour come all that quicker! Well, my search is over! The quest for the ultimate day to night palette finished when I spied the new Rodial Eyeshadow Palette. View Post