New In: Max Factor Creme Puff Blush

Max Factor Creme Puff BlushToday I’m talking about another Max Factor product, if you missed yesterdays Max Factor review, read it here. I have spoken a little about blush on the blog before, and usually my use of blush falls into the ‘must’ category. Normally I will only wear blush if I feel I really need it, not because I am exited about it. I have never been one to lust after a blush, join the waitlist for a new blush release or even really, really, really, want to add a blush to my collection. That was, of course, until the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushers release last year.

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Happy Sunday!

MeI’m sorry to say today there will be a short break from posting, but all back to normal tomorrow! Pop back then at 6.00 GMT to have a little look at my ASOS wishlist. In the meantime, how gorgeous does the Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick in Light it Up look?

Have an amazing Sunday all, kick back and relax!



Disappointing Brow Products

Brow Products

When you try a lot of different products, sometimes things don’t work out. In the case of eyebrows, I do try out a hell of a lot of products. Brows aren’t something you can just get right; not without a little trial and error. So with that in mind, it isn’t surprising I have a few disappointing brow products to share with you today.

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