Day to Night with the Rodial Eyeshadow Palette

rodial-eyeshadow-pallette-collagedsc_0010We are busier and busier nowadays. I am finding more and more that I need to get my makeup to work harder for me. It needs to be long-lasting, easy to touch up and simple. So finding a good quality, neutral eyeshadow palette that can take my look from day to night was pretty high up on my ‘to do’ makeup list. I was after a palette that housed buttery, loveable shadows, with shades that can I could wear to work, but also with the ability to amp up my look fast – making Happy Hour come all that quicker! Well, my search is over! The quest for the ultimate day to night palette finished when I spied the new Rodial Eyeshadow Palette. View Post

Tarte Radiance from the Rainforest Set

dsc_0005If you saw my Trying Out Tarte post (read it HERE) then you’ll know that I am still pretty new to Tarte. The first time I tried the brand I was totally blown away by the selection of beautiful products QVC put together. In the UK QVC is the best place to buy Tarte, so when I saw the Radiance from the Rainforest Set I really wanted to give it a go. View Post

Boring Feel Unique Haul

DSC_0014Anybody addicted to beauty will tell you that no haul is a boring haul. But when a haul is made up of all repurchases, for me its a little same-y. I wasn’t going to share the products I purchased on FeelUnique, but then I thought that although they might be familiar to you, you guys might not have tried out some of my favourites… View Post

Brand Focus: Sainsbury’s Boutique Makeup

DSC_0953Finding a collection of good quality, easy to use products during your weekly shop might not be what every beauty addict is expecting. But next time you’re in Sainsbury’s keep an eye out for the Boutique collection. This is a huge of 11 lipstick shades, 10 single eyeshadows and 9 lipglosses, blushers and bronzers, so plenty to choose from. Let’s find out, out of this massive collection, which products are the best… View Post