The Long Wearing Everyday Eye

Cream Shadow Sticks OverviewThroughout the week I need my makeup to stay in place all day, sometimes I wear my makeup for ten hours with barely any touch ups. The one thing I really don’t want to be worrying about is my eye shadow. I haven’t got a problem reapplying my concealer quickly, dusting a bit of powder here and there but who really wants to mess about with eye shadow at work?

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My MAC Palette

MAC Palete Overview

When I started to really get into makeup, a MAC palette was the first thing on my list. This was about three years ago, and I still can’t believe that I haven’t finished filling a whole palette in all that time!

MAC have hit the nail on the head with how customisable their palettes are. Being able to make your own combinations from their wide variety of shadows is great, but I think we all know that MAC’s shadows aren’t the best quality on the market. Saying that, they certainly are not the worst and some of my favourite shadows of all time sit in this palette.

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