Huge Summer Giveaway

I am so happy to announce my summer giveaway! I love giving out giveaway prizes to you guys, so being able to do these giveaways seasonally is great. Over the next two weeks, I’ll be running my summer giveaway over on my Twitter HERE. This giveaway is the biggest I’ve ever done – I mean HUGE! The beauty bundle is worth over £165 and is made up of lots of great summer products, some of which I’ve tried, some are just awesome goodies I’ve picked up for you guys! Read on to find out how to enter & what’s inside the bundle!  View Post

Summer Body Ready with Mio Skincare

Whilst last summer I was focusing on keeping myself covered up and cool; this year, with new found confidence, I am looking forward to getting my legs out in the heat! I actually can’t wait for sun dresses and jean shorts! My whole summer wardrobe has had a huge overhaul since my body confidence has gone through the roof. But with new clothes comes a whole new set beauty routines and regimes to get me summer ready. View Post