New In: Grow Gorgeous Shine Serum

New In: Grow Gorgeous Shine SerumI’m sure a lot of you might have noticed by now that I had my hair coloured. I was so excited to have a real change to my hair; it’s the first new look for me in many years. But sporting the ‘bronde’ look does have it’s downsides…damage. Now more than ever I need to take care of my hair. So when the lovely people at Grow Gorgeous asked me if I’d like to try out their new Shine Serum, I jumped at the chance!

If you read THIS post, you’ll know I’ve been a fan of Grow Gorgeous’ products for a while. I had been trying out their Strengthening Oil and loving it. I’ve found that the brand always use high quality, luxury ingredients to achieve phenomenal results.

As well as combating colour damage, I have also been trying to inject a bit more shine into my hair since going lighter. I think it can be easy for light coloured hair to look a little dull, without TLC. So the brands Shine Serum sounded just like what my locks needed.

Grow Gorgeous Shine Serum Review Grow Gorgeous Shine Serum Packaging Grow Gorgeous Shine Oil Made From Beauty Grow Gorgeous Shine Serum Review

In past I have piled on the product to try and smooth my frizzy mess into a smooth, luscious head of hair. But recently I have switched up my routine to just using natural focused products and have been loving the results. Grow Gorgeous’ Shine Serum works a little differently to most shiny inducing products on the market. First of all, this oil is packed full of incredible natural moisturisers to nourish and care for the hair.

Next Grow Gorgeous have thrown in the most exciting thing of all; uncharged silicones.

The silicones that are found in most highstreet hair products are positively charged. This means they copy the hair’s natural texture, coating each hair in a barrier of product. Basically…sure, they might give you the illusion of smoother, shiny hair, but in reality all they are doing is creating product build up. That build up stops good things like natural oils and hard-working ingredients from actually reaching the hair’s surface. In the long run, these products will only lead to unhealthy, dull hair.

Uncharged silicones, like the ones in the Shine Serum, easily wash away and do not damage the hair. Think of them like friendly little diamond flecks, dotted about the hair. Giving you shine all day, whilst still letting the hard-working ingredients reach the hair follicle.

I have been loving using the Shine Serum on wet and dry hair. I start my routine off my popping a few drops through the lengths of my hair before blow drying. I found in wet hair the serum is detangling and smoothing start away.

Once I have done styling my hair I pop a couple of drops into the palms of my hands and rub it through my hair. The Shine Serum calms my little bits of frizz and makes my hair shine bright – what more could you want?! As I have dry, slightly corse hair at the moment, I will continue to add drops of the serum to the ends of my hair when it feels a little dry.

Grow Gorgeous Shine Serum Grow Gorgeous Shine Serum Review

Overal I am incredible impressed with both the Shine Serum & the Strengthening Oil from Grow Gorgeous. I can feel my hair getting softer and softer – and there’s no doubt about the it’s new found shine!

It’s great to find a haircare brand that actually understands my hair! Have you tried anything from Grow Gorgeous? Let me know in the comments below!


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