New In: MAC x Mariah Carey Collection

MAC x Mariah Carey Collection ReviewNormally celebrity collections with brands don’t tempt me too much. In fact, apart from the dreamy Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder collection earlier in the year, a celeb face doesn’t normally make me run to the shops. I’d say I’m normally level headed about these kind of things. That was until I heard Mariah Carey and MAC mentioned in the same sentence. What could be more glamorous and New Years appropriate than an edit from Mimi herself?! From that moment on I had my heart set on bagging a little slice of the collab.

Fellow snappers will have seen on my Snapchat (my username is madefrombeauty0 if you want to add me too) the absolute disaster of MAC’s customer service when it came to me ordering the pieces from this collection. Whilst I’d love to write a long ramble about how bad their customer service was (which involved me receiving two empty envelopes from them, on two separate days, despite them telling me my order had been dispatched), I’m going to try to forget all that and get into the products!

The first thing I knew I had to get my hands on from the collection was the Touch My Body Loose Powder. If there’s one thing I wanted from this collection it was to capture Mariah’s diva glow – and this product was just the ticket! The powder comes in a large box covered in the same glitter that themes the whole collection with the MAC logo and Mariahs signature in gold on the top. Inside there is a white pouf, with matching glitter ribbon.

MAC x Mariah Carey Collection Touch My Body Loose Powder MAC x Mariah Carey Touch My Body Loose Powder Review

The product itself is dispensed through a sifter. The powder is for adding glow and warmth to the body and face. For a light dusting you could use the pouf or your own brush to apply.

MAC x Mariah Carey Touch My Body Loose Powder

The Touch My Body powder is a warm coppery shade, with a rosy undertone. There is a lot of golden glitter in this product for building a glow on the décolletage or adding sparkle to the front of legs. You can see that swatched, the powder seems to have a lot of pigment, but when dusted on the skin just adds a subtle sheen.

MAC x Mariah Carey Touch My Body Loose Powder Swatch

I have tried to capture the effect it gives when applied evenly to the skin below:

MAC x Mariah Carey Touch My Body Loose Powder Before & After

You can see, even in photos, the dramatic difference the product makes. My arm on top has the powder applied and looks glowing, slightly more tanned and healthier. The skin on my arm without the powder doesn’t look nearly as nice!

The only problem with this powder is that…well, it behaves like a powder. Throughout the day I have found that the colour can transfer on to fabrics, so maybe not the best thing to wear with your best top! The sheen does fade after a couple of hours, as the powder starts to wear away, but thankfully not in a patchy way, just slowly throughout the day. I can’t say that I’m surprised or disappointed with the fact that the powder doesn’t have huge longevity, as I would expect any powder illuminator to do the same.

MAC x Mariah Carey Touch My Body Loose Powder Finish

Although this will not be a product I will be using everyday, I am so happy I managed to purchase it. With a tan in the summer and lightly dusted onto shoulders this is going to be beautiful! And in the meantime, as least I can feel like an ultimate diva puffing on the sparkle at my dressing table!

The other product I purchased was the lipstick in Dahhlinggg! Aren’t the packaging of these lipsticks to die for?! So adorable! The glitter coating on this packaging is smooth to the touch, so it feels like a normal MAC lipstick just ultra bling!

MAC x Mariah Carey Dahhlinggg! Lipstick MAC x Mariah Carey Lipstick Packaging

My favourite formula of MAC lipsticks are Cremesheens, and so I was happy to find that Dahhlinggg! (the colour that first caught my eye) came in that finish. Cremesheens are formulated to be semi-opaque, moisturising and slightly glossy. Dahhlinggg! is a pinky peach shade with warm undertones. I have found this colour works brilliantly with red and peachy lip liners.

MAC x Mariah Carey Dahhlinggg! Lipstick Swatch MAC x Mariah Carey Dahhlinggg! Lipstick Lip Swatch MAC x Mariah Carey Dahhlinggg! Lipstick

For me Dahhlinggg! is the perfect slap-on-and-go shade. I like to keep the lipstick in my bag to top up throughout the day. It’s the kind of no-worry shade that I can see myself reaching for everyday. The only problem with Dahhlinggg!, because it is a Cremesheen, it can go on a little patchy to begin with. The semi-opaque colour can mean that things can look a little uneven until I blot the colour into my lips a little with my finger. Not a biggie for me, but I know this would drive some people crazy.

MAC x Mariah Carey Collection Review

So what do you think of the items I picked up from the MAC X Mariah Carey collection? Do you think they are worth the hype? Let me know in the comments below!


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  • The packaging is just stunning x

  • Beautyqueenuk

    The packaging is what draws me in with this collection, it is just stunning x

  • I have to agree, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. The Touch My Body loose powder would be great for a glam night out!

  • I didn’t know Mariah Carey had a collection, love the sparkly packaging! :)

  • Jodie Whitham

    Not heard of the collection, but packaging looks so glam and love the look of the lip colour x

  • Baby Isabella

    The packaging is rather special and love the little butterfly on the lippy. Nice shade too!

  • I actually tend to stay away from Celebrity products but I have to say these colors do look nice and may try it someday. love the beautiful packaging!

  • Jazmin Williams

    Ah, these are gorgeous! I’m really liking that lippy.

  • Wow the packaging is absolutely stunning, I love the lipstick x

  • The slap and go shade looks fantastic! The presentation is beautiful xx

  • Not tried anything in this collection but it looks amazing especially with all the sparkles

  • Laura

    Oh wow I absolutely LOVE this collection. The nude lipstick is stunning but its the sparkly packaging that I adore the most xxx

  • Melanie Edjourian

    Wow they are beautifully packaged and the powder actually looks good. Also that lipstick colour is gorgeous!!!!

  • This was one of my favourite collections this year – the packaging is beautiful! x

  • I got a few bits myself, I love the bronzing powder, that’s something I’m gutted I didn’t get! xo

  • Annie Brooks

    Oh wow they look fabulous!just the design looks awesome. I want!

  • The design of this range is just beautiful! I love the look of the powder and it is something I would definitely use. The lipstick is so pretty but I like to use red lipstick, so if she has one of those I’d be interested! X

  • This whole collection is so beautiful – i need it all!