ChloBo Cute Charm Elephant Bracelet ReviewIt’s been an awfully long time since I have worn a charm bracelet and if I’m honest, the ones I used to collect as a young girl from Claire’s Accessories, don’t really appeal to me anymore. But a grown up charm bracelet? In quality metals, with beautiful designs? Well, now you’re talking!

Luckily for the slither of the Claire’s Accessories lover left inside of me, ChloBo have some beautiful, more sophisticated designs on offer for every charm lover. So when the company reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try out one of their rose gold charm bracelets, I couldn’t wait to style it.

The people at ChloBo must like me, because they sent me a bracelet* with a tiny, little elephant attached – the symbol for Peace and Good Luck. I, like all animal lovers, love elephants, their kind nature and outstanding beauty is a marvel. When I was in Kenya I was honored to have seen a herd of elephants with a baby in tow in their natural habitat – a sight that will stay with me until my dying day, so they hold a special place in my heart.

Elephant Charm Bracelet

I hadn’t tried any ChloBo jewellery before and so I didn’t really know what to expect, but was immediately impressed with the quality and finish of the piece.

I have always loved bead style bracelets, but been a little scared of how long they’d last, as all the ones I’ve tried before seemed flimsy and poorly made. But this bracelet is made with strong, quality, almost invisible elastic that doesn’t compromise on quality for style.

The attention to detail is very clear, from the beautiful box the bracelet comes in, the intricate elephant charm to the dainty ChloBo tag.


ChloBo Bracelet Close Up

I love the idea of giving one of these bracelets as a gift. I think they’d be perfect for someone on a special day like a birthday or moving into a new chapter of their life because of how much meaning is behind each bracelet. ChloBo have bracelets with the Tree of Life to symbolize harmony and balance, the Feather as a sign of freedom, courage and new beginnings or my favourite aside from the elephant charm; the Tassel that distracts evil and negativity with its fluid movement. You could even stack these, having lots of different charms to mean different things – I told you, there’re the grown up charm bracelet of the 90s!

ChloBo Cute Charm Elephant Bracelet on

If you could choose a charm, which one would it be and why? Let me know in the comments below.


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*This post contains items that are PR samples/gifted

  • Very pretty – I love the feather charm, so delicate.

  • This is gorgeous and I LOVE the elephant charm. My daughter has just received her first proper charm bracelet and is after a pig charm :-O

  • Melanie Edjourian

    What a lovely bracelet. I love charm bracelets with hearts on them.

  • it’s a really cute bracelet, I wear a similar one with a heart, so I guess that’s my charm! :)

  • Rosana McPhee

    I like the locks, they have a certain mystery to them. R

  • Kelly

    I absolutely love rose gold. And I would wear any nautical themed charm!

  • I think I would choose the tree of life although I love that the elephant charm holds particular resonance to you x

  • I’ve actually got the most gorgeous chlbo bracelet with a music note on it which my parents got me a few years back. It’s so delicate x

  • This is such a gorgeous charm – I hope it brings you lots of peace and good luck :) x

  • Jessica Dearnley

    I love that elephant charm, it’s so beautiful and delicate and it would match my elephant tattoo.

  • Kira L Curtis

    I’d go for the elephant too! I love elephants! They remind me of every holiday I’ve been on because as a child I used to collect elephant ornaments from different parts of the world! One day I hope to see some in their natural habitat too!

  • That is so pretty. I love the elephant charm.That rose gold color is the best!

  • Jessica

    It’s too adorable! I love the little elephant that actually symbolises big for luck. :)

  • kitty kaos

    such a pretty bracelet and I love the symbolism of the elephant x

  • This is beautiful, I love how delicate it is! Elephants are such beautiful animals <3

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  • Tanya Brannan

    I absolutely love this bracelet! It is so elegant and pretty and I love the little elephant. I think I would have the feather, given a choice.

  • Ali

    I love this bracelet, it looks really dainty and cute, it really suits you!

  • Jenni Grainger

    Stunning bracelet, I love delicate charm bracelets. I think I would choose the tree of life x

  • Such a pretty bracelet. My daughter would love one of these, I am sure

  • what a lovely bracelet! i love it even more as its rose gold lol. i would definitely choose the feather one

  • Love the bracelet. It’s so delicate and very pretty.

  • I haven’t had a charm bracelet in years either, they can sometimes be really bulky and obnoxious, but this looks so elegant!

  • mel Sak

    Charm bracelets were my favorite when I was younger, haven’t had one in years. Beautiful.

  • Lovely bracelet! The elephant is really cute, I could also see myself with the Feather one :)

  • Laura

    What a beautiful bracelet. I’ve really started to move towards dainty pieces of jewellery now rather than chunky statement pieces xxx

  • Amanda-Jaied Wathern

    So pretty! And your photos are great too! I think I love the idea of stacking them because I couldn’t possibly just choose one…although the tassel is probably the front-runner :-). x

  • I have not owned a charmed bracelet in years now but I think having one like this I wouldn’t mind having one.

  • beautykinguk

    This is just so pretty, I like the design and style of the bracelet.