New In: The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours

Made From Beauty The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours ReviewThere has been a lot of buzz around The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours recently. The new launch from Revlon seems to hit all the right spots at first glance; matte, vivid colour which is affordable and beautifully packaged…but is this range as good as it seems? I picked up three shades from the collection to out them through their paces, so let’s find out…

It’s been a little while since I’ve featured anything from Revlon on Made From Beauty (in fact I think the last product I talked about was their new MASCARA MENU back in January) and that’s probably because the brand doesn’t often excite me. As a makeup junkie I normally can’t wait to try new releases from brands like Maybelline and L’Oreal, but Revlon? Well, let’s just say their products don’t make my heart race. So when the first look of their Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours was released I was pleasantly surprised!

After a couple of weeks of hunting them down, digging through Superdrug’s messy shelves and saving my pennies from pay day I am pleased to say I have three shades in my collection: HD Obsession, HD Love and HD Seduction.

Made From Beauty The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours Swatches


HD Obsession is a bright flamingo pink. I think this colour would be beautiful with a tan and so at the moment I feel like I need to amp up there bronzer to wear this one at the moment. I wasn’t hugely impressed with how this shade applied, it was a little patchy in places.

Made From Beauty The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours in HD Obsession applyingMade From Beauty The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours in HD Obsession

HD Love is a classic bright red with slight orange undertones. I love this shade, it is perfect for the evening at the moment but I would wear this with a tan during the day also. This colour applied well, without any patches and gave my lips a fuller look.

Made From Beauty The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours in HD Love applying Made From Beauty The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours in HD Love

HD Seduction is by far my most favourite shade from the collection and the one that has been selling out quickly. If you are a fan of that instagram-y matte nude lip look then I would highly recommend this shade. A beautiful nude with a touch of pink and a good dose of brown.

Made From Beauty The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours in HD Seduction applying Made From Beauty The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours in HD Seduction


This is where things get a little bit strange with the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours. Revlon are marketing these lip colours as matte and so I thought they were matte – as in no shine, relatively dry – but no. The first time I applied these I took a swipe from the doe-foot applicator and swept the colour across my lips in a thin, but smooth layer of colour and twenty minutes later I was still waiting for it to dry. Honestly I do not think if you apply a layer straight from the applicator it would ever dry.

I also found that the brighter HD Obsession clung to dry patches on my lips, so I would suggest giving lips a quick scrub before application.

The fact that these lip products do not dry to a super matte finish means that they are extremely comfortable to wear. They do not dry out my lips like a lot of other matte lip products do. They are also very light weight on the lips and so it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them.


I have found the best way to apply these is to wipe off the excess product from the applicator and build an extremely thin layer across the lips, blot with a tissue and reapply a thin thin thin layer. I have found this way you get a little extra longevity and less smudging.

Wear Time:

I’m sad to say I wasn’t very impressed with the wear time of these lip products. Without the product fully drying down on the lips I think it is tough to get more than four hours wear from any shade I have tried. I also found that the brighter colours began to break down on the inside of my lips after about three hours. When eating and drinking I’m afraid to say these will move and wear – one thing’s for certain: these are not kiss proof!

All in all I’m not sure what to think of the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours. For £8.99 a pop I don’t think they are actually that affordable, especially if you found the formula didn’t work for you are purchasing. They are super comfortable to wear, but I know that poor staying power will put some people off. I have been reaching for HD Seduction regularly as I love the colour and don’t mind reapplying throughout the day – but I’m not sure I would do that with the bolder shades.

So what are your thoughts on the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours? Have you tried them? Let me know your first impressions in the comments below.


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  • The dusty pink, HD seduction, looks amazing on you! I can’t wait to go instores and have a look at these :)

    kathy x

    • Thank you love, it’s a beautiful colour!

      Thank you for commenting x

  • I have this in the shade Addiction and I’m kinda gutted because it really doesn’t suit me, but I really want to pick up Seduction, it looks gorgeous on you!
    Brigitte x |

    • It’s a beautiful shade, were you disappointed with the formulation a little too?

      Thank you for your comment x

  • Saara Sofia

    The shades look really beautiful but if the formula isn’t that great I don’t think I’ll bother trying these out. When I first saw these I thought the packaging was really pretty and sleek but I’m surely not gonna get them just for the packaging (although that does sound like something I could do haha).

    • The packaging is absolutely beautiful and that’s one of the main reasons why I picked them up! It’s such a shame I feel like if they had just dried down a little then they would have been spot on!

      Thank you for commenting x

  • Those shades are beautiful! I’m absolutely gutted the wear was not great. I was going to buy them, so I’m so thankful for the review. You definitely have saved me from wasting money.

    Sophie |

    • There are some great shades in the line up! I’m glad you found my review helpful.

      Thank you for your comment x

  • I was disappointed to read about the wear time. The colours do look great on you though!

    • I know, I was so gutted when I first tried them! The shades are stunning so I will still be wearing them!

      Thank you for commenting x

  • sarah Lea

    Oh my! I love them! Especially the HD seduction one, I love nude matt shades! They are affordable too… I’m adding them to my (ever growing) wish list haha xx

    • Seduction is my fav too, it’s a beautiful colour! Haha, your wishlist sounds about as long as mine!

      Thank you for your comment x

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    My favorite is the pink, i love bright colors x

    • The pink is very bright, but perfect for a statement look!

      Thanks Hannah for the comment x

  • I keep seeing these advertise at my gym, they look really cool – but iI’m not sure if i would use them as i’m allergic to lipstick.

    • Oh really, is it all makeup or lipsticks especially?

      Thank you for commenting x

  • It’s a shame that you weren’t impressed by the wear time as this for me is one of the most important things to look for in a lipstick x

    • I know, it was a bit of a downer, but I guess if you don’t mind touching them up throughout the day they are nice products.

      Thank you for your comment x

  • I love the all the shades. So pretty and they suit you.

  • I love those shades especially the red, but such a shame they’re not very long lasting.

    • The red is such a classic shade, very pretty!

      Thank you for commenting x

  • Ickle Pickle

    I haven’t seen them or tried them – I love the Seduction shade though – I might look out for it. Kaz x

    • Let me know if you try any out Kaz, I’d love to hear what you thought!

      Thank you for commenting x

  • Renna Creighton

    Shame they didn’t last, but, I have to say that colours are really vibrant.

    • It is a shame, but I deal with the nude not lasting all that well!

      Thank you for commenting x

  • I really love that nude Seduction colour. I dislike the feel of lipstick so these might work for me.

    • It’s such a shame you can’t try drugstore makeup in the UK because I would say go try them out because they are pretty weightless!

      Thank you for commenting x

  • I love the look of the nude! I usually don’t like liquid lipsticks that don’t dry down properly, but my lips have been so dry recently!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

    • These might well work for you then as I found them not drying at all!

      Thank you for commenting x

  • Dorota Gornicka

    I went in to Boots the other week & swatched them all. I just don’t understand the formula so I walked away without a purchase. Can’t say I regret it. There are so many liquid lipsticks around that work & feel better on the lips so it’s a pass from me.

    However I like these shades on you ! The nude one compliments your skin tone so beautifully X

    Love, D x

    • Thank you so much! The marketing has been a little misleading with these I feel as they aren’t a traditional liquid lipstick.

      Thank you for your comment x

  • Oh I am in love with the Seduction gloss. So pretty but the other colours are great too.

    • The nude is my favourite too!

      Thank you for commenting x

  • I picked up Seduction too but it doesn’t do me many favours :( I do like the colour of the other one I got – Devotion though. I’m just not sold on the formula, I agree they’re not long-lasting enough and seem completely misnamed xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    • I haven’t tried Devotion, but I think it’s going on my wishlist!

      Thank you for commenting x

  • Going off topic but you look so katherine zeta jones in those pictures, absolutely beautiful! As for the lippies, I love matt almost neutral shades but I buy cheap stuff (hehe!) X

    • Haha thank you! A makeup artist told me this on the exact same day you commented this when she was doing my makeup!

      Thank you for your comment, it brightened my day! X