Tuesday Talks: How I Got Bikini Ready

DSC_0042Now I know that summer is officially over in the UK (excuse me whilst I go and have a little cry cuddling my sun cream and clinging on to my beach bag for dear life) but for the lucky few, there still a holiday on the horizon.

For the even luckier, there’s a sunny holiday on the horizon. And you know what a sunny holiday means? Bikinis. And do know what a bikini means? Sheer, bloody, panic.

Why are you panicking Sam? I hear you ask. Well, up until a month ago at least, my body wasn’t what we’d call ‘bikini ready’.

If your a female who’s ever read a magazine, watched television or graced the internet with your presence, you’ll have a rough idea what bikini ready might mean.

After a winter of overeating, barely exercising and being a little too optimistic about how many calories there are in a Big Mac, things had to change. If I was going to put my bum into a bikini for the world to see, I had to be smart.

First: I went and brought a bikini. I’d been so scared of them for years (basically since I hit puberty) the only two piece I had knocking about was a Minnie Mouse number – I’m not sure that would have gone down too well by the pool in Ibiza!

Second: I checked I had a body. With all this terror over the bikini, I just had to check quickly that I still had the body I was born with. Yep, there it was, in all its lumpy, bumpy glory, it was there.

Third: I put the bikini on. I know, pretty scary times.

After realising that my (albeit large) bottom could keep the bikini on itself, and my hands could string together the beautiful criss-cross back I’d gone for – I knew I was in business.

After lots of careful consideration in the mirror, eyeing up my oversized thighs and slightly jelly-like arms, I came to the conclusion that my body was bikini ready. This is my body and I’m going to wear a god damn bikini.

It’s ready…stretch marks, cellulite and all.


  • I love how this wasn’t the typical bikini body post about slimming down, exercising etc, we should be proud no matter what and as you said, as long as we have a bikini and body at hand, no need for extra fuss hehe! xo

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!

      Thank you for your comment x

  • B Shannon

    Aw I loved reading this, I actually got goosebumps, so lovely! I hate wearing bikinis, as I am so self-conscious, I wish I could approach life in this positive and inspiring way, I’m going to try start loving my body for what it is!
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

    • Ah Becky, I’m so glad you like my post! Trust me, I’m not always this positive – but I would love to look at life more like I did in this post!

      Thank you for your comment x

  • Well it is actually really good idea! Never thought about it, I always went for the size that fits me then it always got loose in summer. Next time I will do the same :) Good that you achieved your bikini body, congrats! xxx


  • I love this post! The world would be a healthier place if this attitude was encouraged, instead of the media suggesting that our bodies should all look a certain way. What’s wrong with stretch marks and cellulite anyway? They’re natural, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have them. I’m sure you’re gonna rock your bikini ♥ xx


    • I’m so happy you like my post Beth! I totally agree with you that it would be better if the media put this message out more!

      Thank you for commenting x

  • I love this! It made me actually laugh out loud a little and it’s so true and uplifting to see a girl being realistic and confident. By the way I am loving the Tuesday talks idea!

    Anna x

  • Love this post. I’m in Florida at the moment and though I brought more bikinis with me than I could ever need it took me a few days to pluck up the courage to wear one! We’re all always so body concious but after seeing women of all ages, shapes and sizes rocking their bikinis I soon thought ‘what the heck’ and mine emerged from my case. I never thought I would feel good in my bikini with no makeup whatsoever but I actually felt great and so free of any insecurities!

    Amy / http://www.getglam.co.uk