The Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser

Made From Beauty the vaseline spray and go body moisturiserHands up who can be a little lazy when it comes to moisturising your body?

Now consider you should be moisturising at least once a day, how many hands now?

I know my hand is up…I am terrible at looking after the skin on my body.┬áSure, I love to take care of the skin on my face, but sometimes things get far too neglected on my body.

Most of the time it’s sheer laziness, if my legs are going to be hidden away under jeans for the foreseeable future, I really can’t be bothered to get out the body butter and start working it in.

This laziness shows though, for example my pins can sometimes verge on flakey – really not cute! So I was on the hunt for the product that would either magically moisturise ┬áme, cure my laziness, or make things dramatically quicker and easier. So when I found the Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser, I couldn’t believe my luck.

I’d seen it advertised and really didn’t think much of it, then decided to pick it up when it was on offer in Superdrug.

I’m still not sold on the spray function making things any quicker. For me it takes the same time to spray on and rub in as it does to squeeze a tub and then rub in. But one thing that makes things definitely a lot quicker is the formula. When you first spray on the product it’s watery, running and very easy to rub in. I quickly spread it all over my skin, give it a quick rub in and just wait for my skin to drink it up. Within seconds of spreading the product thickens and becomes a little balmy. It really gives you the feeling of your skin being protected and coated in moisture, but not in a sticky, suffocating way.

This product has really cut down the time moisturising can take, I can just spray, quickly smooth it all over and be done. So do you think this is something you’d like to try? Or maybe it’s a product in your regular rotation? Let me know in the comments.

  • I look to these to help moisturize my back, where it’s tougher for me to reach! I dislike how quickly the can is used up so I don’t like this for my whole body, but because I use it almost exclusively for my back I can extend the lifetime of a single bottle.

    • That’s a great point! It is really great for hard to reach areas! I’m just lazy that’s why I love it, haha! Xx

    • I am trying to find you on Twitter, what’s your username on there? :) x

      • I don’t have a Twitter for this yet! I do have an Instagram, it’s the same name =) I really should make a Twitter, though

        • Awesome! I’ll find you! Yep you should, I only really started since Christmas and I’m addicted, plus it’s a great place to talk to other bloggers and brands :) xx

          • Yes! I followed you as well. Twitter would be great for those little things that don’t need a whole post, too. Ahh I thinking going to create one haha

          • You go girl haha! I’ll keep an eye out for you on there! X

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  • We at Glossyfinds LOVE this moisturiser! SO easy to use and such a gorgeous smell!